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Raising our awareness in pediatric cancer

The terms rare, uncommon, infrequent are commonly used to describe the occurrence of cancer in children –  from a prevalence perspective, “only”…

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University Hospital Jena: Next-level Workflow Optimization in Clinical Trials

How to set up a well-running clinical trial center that can handle up to 40 trials at once has been successfully demonstrated by Laura Graziani, study…

University of Miami & Nova Souteastern University: Study shows feasibility of radiomics and T2 mapping as novel imaging biomarkers of activity in superficial fibromatosis

A retrospective study [1] conducted by researchers at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and Nova Southeastern University investigated…

Quantitative Tumorbegleitung und ihre Einbettung in holistische Befundstrukturen (Only in German)

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How to improve reading procedures and reduce errors in clinical trials with imaging endpoints

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