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A picture of a cancer patient on a couch, with two infusion bags in the foreground

Optimizing Clinical Trials without Compromising Patient Care: An Investigational Site’s Perspective

Attracting and retaining industry-sponsored clinical trials can be quite appealing for healthcare institutions. Besides obvious financial and…

Enhancing flexibility and communication while saving costs and time in clinical trials

University Hospital Jena: Next-level Workflow Optimization in Clinical Trials

How to set up a well-running clinical trial center that can handle up to 40 trials at once has been successfully demonstrated by Laura Graziani, study…

Workflow optimization, increased efficiency and reduced errors in clinical trials

LMU University Hospital Munich: Real-time Data Visualization and Analysis in Clinical Ttrials with Imaging Endpoints

“mint Analytics expands your means of structured response assessment in mint Lesion™ by instantaneous visualization of the collected data, as a whole…

mint Analytics: Real-time data visualization and analysis in clinical trials with imaging endpoints