Mint-Data for Personalized Medicine at Cancer Center in Tübingen/Germany

Compiling structured real-world-data from different medical disciplines, such as molecular genetics, laboratory medicine, pathology or radiology, to generate insights for specific diseases represents the “holy grail” of Personalized Medicine.

The Cancer Center in Tübingen/Germany initiated the project “Structured data in Oncology” focusing on this target. Just like all other disciplines, the radiology team led by Prof. Konstantin Nikolaou is asked to provide structured radiological information from clinical routine to be included into the data pool.

The currently prevalent dictated prose report does not meet that requirement since the information is not structured and cannot be forwarded in a machine-readable way.

In cooperation with Mint Medical new reading profiles for selected use cases were defined and configured in mint Lesion. This was done in such a way that all relevant information is captured and the efficiency in the reading process is ensured. The number of applied use cases in mint Lesion will further increase within the next months.

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