mint medical GmbH - Entrance

Mint Medical was founded by researchers of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). It is based on the innovation and experience from more than 20 years of research work in the area of medical imaging.
Mint Medical aims at providing leading edge image processing methods to improve medical diagnosis, therapy planning, and computer assisted therapy.


The increased quality of medical imaging devices leads to an enhanced knowledge of patient anatomy but also to a huge amount of image data. Thus, the radiological analysis of the extensive image information can hardly be performed efficiently. Latest state-of-the-art image processing methods provide valuable assistance during all radiological workflows – from the initial diagnosis to therapy follow-up – as well as increased accuracy, safety, and productivity of your radiological work.

Certified Quality

Mint Medical GmbH has drawn up and operates a certified quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 13485:2003 and Annex II, section 3 of the European Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical Devices. Our products conform to the European Medical Devices Act and bear the CE mark.