Prof. Frauenfelder and Mr. Steffen Rupp happy about extention of mint Lesion use in University Hospital Zürich

Transforming Oncology Patient Care

Innovative Approach to Structured Routine Reporting with mint Lesion at the University Hospital Zurich


Heidelberg, DE, 05/09/2023 - Mint Medical GmbH and the University Hospital Zurich (USZ) will further strengthen their long-standing collaboration by implementing mint Lesion, Mint Medical's radiology software platform, in routine oncology reporting at the USZ.

mint Lesion, the pioneering software solution in the field of standardization of radiological reporting and context-driven structured reporting, has been used at the USZ primarily as a radiological assistant in clinical trials.

"With the usage expansion, mint Lesion will now become an integral part of routine reporting of complex, oncological examinations," says Prof. Dr. Thomas Frauenfelder, director of the Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology. "The standardized reporting with deep integration of image and reporting is an important step towards a complete patient-centered care workflow (Digital Patient Journey) at the University Hospital Zurich."

mint Lesion links image viewing, guideline compliance and data generation to enable the systematic, standardized capture of quantitative data, including its context. Integrating mint Lesion into the existing routine workflow supports the radiology department of the University Hospital Zurich in establishing standardized oncological reporting and thus contributes to sustainable quality assurance.

The structured and annotated data generated by mint Lesion will flow into the Digital Patient Journey and hence contribute to the digitalization and automation of interdisciplinary processes. Steffen Rupp, Sales Director at Mint Medical, describes the University Hospital Zurich as a "close and innovative partner with whom we have been working successfully for over a decade." This expansion of use will transfer the experience gained over the years with structured reporting in clinical trials to routine clinical practice. "We are now bringing the excellence from clinical trials into clinical routine so that as many patients as possible can benefit from data-driven treatment decisions. I am very pleased that the USZ is also following this path and that we can support them with our software platform mint Lesion."

About Mint Medical

Mint Medical, a Brainlab company, is a Heidelberg-based medical IT company focused on radiology software solutions used in clinical routine, clinical research and clinical trials worldwide. mint Lesion, the company's core product, is intuitive software for standardized and computer-aided radiological and clinical data analysis according to defined protocols, guidelines and workflows. The certified medical product is used by (university) hospitals, cancer centers and private practices, contract research organizations (CROs), and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

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