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Leipzig shines as new host for German Radiology Congress

4 days full of sun – there couldn’t be any better circumstances for Leipzig to present itself as new host of the German Radiology Congress.

Mint Medical presented the brand new reading profile “PI-RADS v2”, that will be used for standardized readings of prostate cases. In addition, we announced our cooperation with i-SOLUTIONS Health and already presented the deeply integrated applications. Structured reports from Mint will be directly sent to the radiological platform RadCentre.

A further highlight was our lunch symposium chaired by Prof. Layer about structured reporting. Initially applied in clinical research, the structured approach by Mint is now more and more in use in clinical routine as well that was impressively presented by PD Dr. Röthke (focus on PI-RADS v2), Prof. Janka (focus on therapy assessment) and PD. Dr. Persigehl (focus on staging for tumor board).

The feedback to the lunch symposium was overwhelming and shows the increasing importance of structured reporting in radiology.

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