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In a multidisciplinary center that networks medical research, natural sciences, engineering sciences, computer science and business administration, in the Research Campus M²OLIE ("Mannheim Molecular Intervention Environment") new methods are developed for molecular imaging, diagnostics and therapeutic intervention of oligometastatic patients in daily clinical practice.

The aim of M²OLIE is to enable the deployment of new minimal-invasive cancer therapies in a patient-centered approach by using artificial intelligence and cutting-edge robotics. Mint Medical participates by extending its platform mint Lesion to structure knowledge and information from the different stations of the M²OLIE closed loop process.

More and more radiologists all over the world have been using mint Lesion to analyze medical image data. The particular strength of mint Lesion lies in the fact that any measured value is immediately linked to context data describing its clinical significance, and is thus integrated into a digital model of the patient and its evolution over time - the system thus ceases to be a "simple" image viewer and measuring tool and becomes a digital assistant to the radiologist. Within the M²OLIE closed-loop process, the mint Lesion platform functions as a central node that, on the one hand, integrates new diagnostic parameters from functional imaging (in the M2IBID project) and, on the other hand, uses clearly defined diagnostic workflows to provide the basis for decision-making for interdisciplinary tumor boards (in the M2DATA project).

Funded by the Ministry of Education and Research and headed by VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH, M²OLIE has entered the second funding phase. Participants from the more than 20 academic and industrial partners have met in Ebernburg bei der Nahe to kick off this new stage.

Learn more about at M²OLIE website.

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