Happy New Year 2023

2022 has been an exciting year with accomplishments we can be proud of. We have grown both as a team and as a business and set new strategic priorities to achieve continued profitable and sustainable growth. We have reached crucial milestones in all our key projects and laid a solid foundation for the further development of mint Lesion™, which will take the platform beyond the usual application scenarios and substantially expand our competence horizon.

We are honored by the trust placed in us. The significant role we play in such pivotal projects as RACOON, BORN, and the registry infrastructure for medical societies gives us a unique opportunity to shape the future of healthcare in Germany together with our partners. Together we can make data-driven and patient-centric diagnostic and treatment decisions a new normal, adding tremendous value to patients and their healthcare providers. It truly is a fulfilling experience to contribute to this critical shift in radiology and medicine as a whole.

Pursuing our mission of fostering data-driven radiology and integrated diagnostics, we continue expanding our market reach. This year mint Lesion™ has been cleared as a medical device in several new countries and will soon be available in new languages.

As this year comes to an end, we think gratefully about those who have supported us along the way and made our success possible:

  • To all our customers and cooperation partners, we want to say we truly appreciate your trust, continued support, and partnership. We hope the coming year will bring you happiness and success, and we look forward to continuing our fruitful cooperation in 2023 and beyond!
  • To our wonderful Mint Team, thank you for all your hard work, out-of-the-box thinking, team spirit, dedication, and positivity! We wish you all that is merry and bright for the New Year ahead and look forward to developing further together. We are a fantastic team! 
  • Being a part of the Brainlab family for more than a year, we have learned that in addition to sharing similar values, our companies complement each other very well in many ways. Dear Brainlab colleagues, thank you for your support and commitment. It is truly a pleasure to work with such a great team. Looking forward to all the amazing projects we'll rock together in 2023. May your New Year be filled with success and prosperity!

Welcome, 2023! Happy New Year, everyone!

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