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mint Lesion TM for Imaging Biomarker Research

PET colored scan in mint Lesion

Novel methods and tools to assess the characteristics of radiological images can improve a patient’s diagnosis and prediction of the treatment outcome. The work to be done in imaging biomarker research relies upon the qualification and validation of a biomarker. Custom-tailored study protocols and a rigorous and objective assessment of the image data is integrated directly into the actual image analysis platform.


mint Lesion™ models the entire workflow and all related tasks of your imaging research work including: a documented image quality assessment, reproducible documented assessments, and the data management for patient cohorts.


comparison of follow-up assessments in RECIST report

The benefits that texture analysis and radiomics have already shown and the improved availability of large data sets led to an increased interest in the extraction of quantitative features from medical images. Radiomics became highly appealing due to the reuse of existing data, minimal invasiveness, the promise of high accuracy of results, and cost-effectiveness.


Through quantification, images are converted into mineable data that, subsequently analyzed, improve diagnostic accuracy and prognosis assessment and enhance predictive power for decision support.


Although radiomics offers high potential for boosting precision medicine, its implementation in a clinical setting harbors substantial challenges – which mint Lesion™ successfully addresses: reproducibility, prospective collection of quantitative data, data curation, and sharing.


The radiomics features in mint Lesion™ were developed in accordance with the Image Biomarker Standardisation Initiative (IBSI). This initiative is an independent international collaboration focused on standardizing the extraction of image biomarkers from medical images for the purpose of radiomics. A primary goal of this initiative was the standardization of image biomarker nomenclature and terminology as well as benchmark datasets and benchmark values.


Read more about how mint Lesion™ radiomics leverages precision medicine and watch a short video showing a radiomics research case with longitudinally connected data and graphs for extracted 1st and 2nd order parameters here.

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With a simple key-stroke,
you can perform queries
and data exports
from individuals
and entire patient cohorts




Data consistency and completeness
is inherently facilitated by configurable

edit checks and automated

compliance checks.

checking notes



Create your own study protocols
and also apply them retrospectively
for previously assessed image scans.




Have more people
involved in your research project:
Users can get started with mint Lesion™
easily with a cloud-based installation.




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Seamless integration with your IT‑infrastructure

Start mint Lesion™ directly from your RIS / PACS while preserving the working context. Relevant image data is automatically synchronized with your PACS and results can be integrated into your RIS report.


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