mint Lesion™ DICOM viewer and mint Analytics dashboard

Tackling COVID-19 together

Scientist performing analysis using mint Lesion™ COVID-19 reading template and mint Analytics dashboard

For over ten years, mint Lesion™ has guided and assisted radiologists in performing comprehensive assessments within research and clinical routine. mint Lesion™ extracts all primary data – including radiomics – from images, and immediately links any measured value to its context and further related data of clinical significance.

Users can collect longitudinal data with the mint Lesion™ COVID-19 reading template and analyze it together with clinical endpoints using the mint Analytics™ software add-on. Furthermore, they can export it in various human- and machine-readable data formats for external analysis and AI. Interfacing with other information systems, such as hospital information systems to include clinical data, is possible through standardized interfaces, including HL7, FHIR, and openEHR.

Since July 2020, mint Lesion™ is being used in ExploreCOVID, an explorative study which aims at identifying optimal CT imaging biomarkers in combination with clinical markers for the diagnosis and therapy response assessment of COVID-19.

mint Lesion™ is also being used successfully on a large scale as part of the RACOON project (Radiological Cooperative Network - the radiology cooperation within the University Medicine Network) since mid-2020. RACOON is the world's first project to establish a nationwide infrastructure of all 38 German university hospitals for the structured acquisition of radiological data of COVID-19 cases.  As an industry partner, Mint Medical provides the technological basis ("RACOON Base") for the acquisition of radiological data from COVID-19 cases. The data is evaluated and analyzed in real time and immediately available to the participants of the project. 

Scientists discussing the acquisition of radiological data from COVID-19 cases with mint Lesion™ for the RACOON project

What our users say about mint Lesion™

The COVID-19 template enables us to perform a structured radiological and clinical assessment of SARS‑CoV‑2 positive patients and is a valuable tool for monitoring and follow-up studies.

PD Dr. Gerlig WidmannTirol Clinics Innsbruck

The mint Lesion™ COVID-19 template is a tool that helps me and my colleagues to collect all important information about the patients – both clinical and imaging data. It is detailed and ensures a comprehensive standardized report.

Dr. Konstantinos StathopoulosInstitut Jules Bordet Bruxelles