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Radiologic Analysis of COVID-19 Infection

In a recent webcast, Dr. Ronald Korn, Founder and CMO at Imaging Endpoints and Kelie Williams Luby, VP Clinical Trials Software at Mint Medical, presented an integrated, comprehensive analysis using the mint Lesion™ platform for a seamless evaluation of COVID-19 patients and trials.
Together they highlighted the need for expert image analysis and the urgent need for organized data collection, encompassing the multi-dimensional data of imaging, laboratory, clinical, and demographics for COVID-19.
While imaging should not be used as a screening tool for unselected populations, it supports a comprehensive approach which can be applied in both clinical care and clinical trials. The mint Lesion™ platform integrates this multi-dimensional data creating a digital signature for the patient while enabling data quality, integrity, and traceability acquired in a high-trust environment.

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