TNM: Structured Read Procedures for TNM Tumor Staging


Structured Read Procedures for TNM Tumor Staging

The TNM classification for malignancies is the most common approach to document the stage of a cancer disease. TNM staging is basis for planing of therapies, prediction of patient’s outcome, identification of appropriate clinical trials, and exchange between clinical routine and research. The staging heavily relies upon significant key observations in medical image data – therefore, radiological reports are crucial for the assessment of potential therapy opportunities.

Mint Medical developed a novel approach to a context-driven radiological assessment and staging according to TNM criteria. By means of a structured and optimized work flow mint Lesion™ increases the efficiency of assessing and documenting all image observations that are crucial to treatment. mint Lesion™ knows about relevant tipping points per tumor entity. With a single click, mint Lesion™ automatically generates and communicates a structured report including all key observations and the staging result.

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