TNM classification

mint Lesion™: Dedicated workflows for TNM classification of malignant tumors

TNM is the most widely applied classification to describe the extent of cancer spread. Staging is also a main aspect of all requirements defined by the German Cancer Foundation. In cancer disease, such as lung cancer, „oncologists expect radiologists to provide decisive information for the determination of the tumor staging“[1].

At the German Radiology Congress in Hamburg, Germany, Mint Medical gave insights and an outlook on latest developments in dedicated, computer-assisted assessments according to the TNM system. An efficient working tool for the use in the daily routine eases adherence to all subtleties in tumor staging, regulates the exchange of information with clinicians, and creates traceability and legal certainty in oncological diagnosis.

[1] R. Pirker, „Lung Cancer: What the oncologist needs to know“, 22. ECR 2010, MS 721, Universimed, 20 June, 2010 – 16:38.