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Mint Medical is now part of Brainlab AG, Munich

We are very happy to be part of the Brainlab family. We are convinced that together we will make a huge impact on the future of healthcare – and this future has already begun!   What does this mean for mint Lesion™ users?   Brainlab…

Video | The Mint Mission

Join our three Sales Directors, Felix Gruler, Aditya Jayaram, and Steffen Rupp, in their discussion about Mint Medical’s mission statements and how we fill these with life. Be inspired and see how to unleash the full potential of the wealth of radiological data that is…

Success Story: Catapulted into a new orbit of reporting

With mint Lesion™, “complex information is condensed so that it is easier to understand. We believe that this way, we can make the complex central assertion of the report more coherent for referring colleagues or patients – it is condensed, compressed, and clear,” says Dr….