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COVID-19 webinar Mint Medical and Imaging Endpoints

Recording of Radiologic Analysis of COVID-19 Infection Webcast

In a recent webcast, Dr. Ronald Korn, Founder and CMO at Imaging Endpoints and Kelie Williams Luby, VP Clinical Trials Software at Mint Medical, presented an integrated, comprehensive analysis using the mint Lesion™ platform for a seamless evaluation of COVID-19 patients and trials. Together they…

TNM Staging head and neck tumors challenges

The Challenges of TNM-Staging for Head and Neck Tumors

Next to clinical examination and endoscopy, cross-sectional imaging plays an important role in the diagnosis of head and neck tumors. Moreover, the choice of therapy is guided by the radiological report. We spoke to Mr. Prof. Dr. Meinrad Beer, Medical Director of Diagnostic and Interventional…

Standardized assessment and documentation of corona disease - COVID-19 - based on CT imaging

Creating evidence to tackle COVID-19

Our COVID-19 reading template is in use for two weeks, and its usage is multiplying. We are grateful for the close cooperation and feedback from existing and new mint Lesion users.   Our medical team went through all the available publications and created a reading…