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Explanation of trial setting for Imaging CROs and Pharma companies

Data Management

Project Management

Radiological Read

Explanation of trial setting for Imaging CROs and Pharma companies

Data Management

Project Management

Radiological Read

mint Lesion TM for Sponsor Initiated Trials


mint Lesion™ is designed to facilitate research in clinical trials with imaging endpoints. This includes the transfer and storage of clinical trial DICOM data, a workflow optimized for consistent interpretation and reviewing of image findings, the reviewing of image meta-data, and the simplified provision of results to physicians and other clinical systems, e.g. PACS and Clinical Trial Management Systems. mint Lesion™ thus implements the functionality of a Clinical Trial Image Management System (CTIMS) as defined by the NCI.

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Project Management


mint Lesion™ allows you to model the needs of your imaging charter by software configuration. Have dedicated medical experts, tasks, workflows, and permissions set up and let mint Lesion drive your imaging research – from image quality assurance, eligibility reads, up to patient cohort level data exports, and operational metrics.

Objective Radiological Read


The context-driven read procedures of mint Lesion™ will guide the radiological expert to perform a dedicated assessment in an optimized read context. Significant observations in morphologic and functional image data are documented and classified in adherence to the protocol and tracked throughout treatment. By this means, mint Lesion™ provides the basis for a true objective assessment and minimizes reader variability. Let mint Lesion help your readers to speed up their work and focus on their job-to-be-done.

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Explanation of Case Tasks Management

Monitoring & Data Management


Monitoring project progress directly within mint Lesion™ will increase the efficiency of your research work. As one example, corrective actions are managed, performed, and documented in immediate correlation with the image annotations to assure traceability and integrity of your research data. Comprehensive and high quality data is crucial in clinical research. mint Lesion™ generates this data for a single observation on image data up to comprehensive data exports for the entire study cohort. An automated response assessment automatically assigns the time-point response from lesion measurements and classifications to avoid manual calculations.

Make mint Lesion™ a perfect fit for your particular project’s needs through an optimal customization using our configurable criteria and workflow engine




Benefit from an integrated image reviewing for blinded readers that comprises comprehensive edit checks to assure full adherence to our study protocol




Achieve high quality research results with mint Lesion™, the only dedicated Clinical Trial Imaging System in line with CFR Part 11, GxP, and HIPAA as approved medical device
(FDA 510k, CE)

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Save time and effort in clinical trial operations and data management with the help of mint Lesion™’s comprehensive and flexible interfaces to CTMS, EDS, and other systems




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