Refined PET Imaging Capabilities

Mint Medical to Present Refined PET Imaging Capabilities at RSNA 2013

In time for RSNA 2013, Mint Medical enhances and refines the PET imaging functionality for quantitative assessment of FDG-PET image data. FDG-PET is known to be a pioneer of functional imaging for early estimation of therapy success. However, it also comes along with challenges with respect to a consistent assessment of lesions, in particular in the course of a therapy.

The PET imaging capabilities of mint Lesion therefore relies on the current recommendations of RSNA’s QIBA (Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance) for the quantitative assessment of FDG-PET image data. PET SUV values are computed independent of scanner manufacturers to facilitate a comparison of exams from various vendors. By means of novel measurement tools, selectively SUVpeak, SUVmax, and SUVmean can easily be determined in 3D or 2D and included in comprehensive reports. The normalization of body weight, body surface area or lean body mass as well as the definition of thresholds for automated ROI computation can be defined per clinical trial or patient and only need to be adjusted in particular cases as required.