Optimized therapy evaluation

How large is „larger“? – mint Lesion™ 2.0 optimizes the therapy evaluation of your routine patients

Therapy monitoring based on standardized criteria are increasingly applied in clinical routine. Quantitative evaluations provide reproducible and comprehensible results. They assure quality, minimize hazard, and contribute to treating your patients with an optimized therapy.

Meanwhile, more and more oncologists demand results, which were evaluated and assessed in compliance with predefined criteria – e. g. RECIST. In addition, new therapy agents require not only the consideration of size parameters, but also for instance density or intensity values.

With mint Lesion™ 2.0, you can conduct such partly sophisticated evaluations easily and within a short time – strictly in conformance with international established standards or following your flexibly adapted guidelines. Furthermore, you do not need to master any statistical analysis, mint Lesion™ 2.0 performs the interpretation for you automatically. Due to the seamless integration in your existing system environment, you can monitor the success of a therapy over time and provide your colleagues with your evaluation by means of PACS and RIS.