mint Lesion™ in UKM

University Hospital Muenster counts on mint Lesion™ for standardized assessments in oncological radiology

„With new therapy methods and personalized diagnosis approaches, the oncology is currently undergoing change and development. Radiology contributes with sensitive information to the assessment of the effectiveness of a cancer therapy“, said Prof. Johannes Wessling from the Institute for Clinical Radiology at the University Hospital Muenster (UKM). „Dedicated solutions, such as mint Lesion™ from Mint Medical, enable an efficient and standardized evaluation. In the near future, they will play a key role as an integral part of a radiology department.“

The radiology department in Muenster has built up a high level of oncological expertise. In addition to a highly qualified staff, the sustainable model of the clinic involves also a state-of-the-art equipment and an innovative software environment.