mint Lesion™ in UH Cologne

University Hospital Cologne benefits from a seamless integration of mint Lesion™ into its IT infrastructure


Users in Cologne enjoy the benefits of a deep integration of mint Lesion™ into the existing RIS/PACS environment, which has been implemented in collaboration with Agfa HealthCare Germany. mint Lesion™ can be invoked out of RIS/PACS preserving patient and physician context. As a result, the reading workflow in oncological radiology is now remarkably streamlined.

“Our experience so far shows that mint Lesion™ facilitates a straightforward and time-efficient response evaluation”, summarizes Prof. David Maintz, Director of the Institute for Radiology this benefit of the software. Furthermore, “mint Lesion™ allows for a robust and reproducible tumor monitoring even of complex oncological therapy courses, and beyond the commonly used RECIST criteria”, adds Dr. Thorsten Persigehl, Head of the Oncological and Abdominal Imaging.

The generated results can be viewed also by clinicians by means of the conventional PACS viewer, which optimally supports the interdisciplinary communication. Besides this, “from the clinical perspective in clinical trials, the documentation of mint Lesion™ enables a safe, rapid, and reliable evaluation, which significantly improves the workflows”, says Prof. Dr. Thomas Zander, senior physician Clinic for Internal Medicine I.