mint Lesion™ in clinstud

Institute for clinical trials and imaging diagnostics in drug and medical device development installs CHILI PACS with mint Lesion™

The Clinical Research Institute clinstud implemented a software package consisting of CHILI PACS and mint Lesion™ for the quantitative analysis of image data (MRI, CT, PET) in several indications, including oncology. clinstud manages by means of CHILI PACS all image data gained within the multi-center trials and evaluates them with mint Lesion™.

“The systems of Mint and CHILI are tightly integrated; they simplify the image data management and the evaluation of the response to therapy. This makes an essential contribution to the improvement of quality and reproducibility of clinical trial results”, describes Dr. Meinel, clinstud CEO, the benefits of the chosen solution. “As a result, these tools are increasingly used in the clinical-radiological practice.”