mint Lesion™ at Stanford

mint Lesion™ at Stanford School of Medicine

Prof. Dominik Fleischmann, Clinical Director of the 3D and Quantitative Imaging Laboratory (3DQ Laboratory) at Stanford University, and his team benefit from quality in quantitative imaging provided by mint Lesion™. “Accurate, reproducible, and standardized assessment of treatment response is of fundamental importance in oncology. A powerful yet easy to use and integrated software such as mint Lesion™ may be exactly what it takes to migrate such a capability from the world of clinical trials to everyday practice of Radiology and Oncology.” says Prof. Fleischmann.

The 3DQ Lab at Stanford University has the mission to develop and apply innovative techniques for efficient quantitative analysis and display of medical imaging data through interdisciplinary collaboration. mint Lesion™ has been seamlessly integrated with the state-of-the-art IT infrastructure at Stanford including simple, web-based access and automated user authentication (Single Sign-On).