Context Driven Read Workflows


mint Lesion™ 3.0 – Benefit from Context Driven Read Workflows

With the new mint Lesion™ 3.0, we created a simplified and uniform user interface that focuses on the particular context of your current case and gently offers guidance according to the corresponding screening, staging, or response assessment criteria.

mint Lesion™ 3.0 now includes new dedicated reading profiles for screening and staging of oncologic disease. mint Lesion™ knows about the intricacies of particular criteria and guidelines and automatically determines the stage of disease based on radiological image annotations, classifications, and further clinical parameters. The profiles include a variety of TNM tumor entities, staging and transplant scoring of liver disease, and screening and staging of prostate carcinoma. In addition, mint Lesion™ highlights potential tipping points for clinical treatment decisions during the read process and in the automatically generated structured reports.

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