mint Lesion™ 2.2

Personalized cancer therapy – accentuate quality and impact of your oncological radiological services with mint Lesion™ 2.2

Modern targeted therapies of personalized medicine play an increasingly important role in the treatment of cancer patients. Clinical trials demonstrate considerable tumor response under treatment with new agents such as Sorafenib for HCC tumors or Vemurafenib for malignant melanoma. Unfortunately, under some of the targeted therapies, the tumor often develops resistance which in turn can lead to rapid tumor progression.

In the face of these modern therapies and increasingly multi-modal therapy approaches, new challenges and opportunities arise for oncological procedures and radiological image-based diagnoses. For therapeutic decision-making, high-quality follow-up assessments are crucial.

With mint Lesion™ 2.2, you can easily accentuate quality and impact of your oncological radiological services. Master the diverse requirements when dealing with arbitrary solid lesions. Regardless of whether lesions disappear, reappear, split, or coalesce during the course of therapy – mint Lesion™ 2.2 enables you to locate and assess lesions in a matter of seconds. Based on data consistently acquired in this way, you can easily grasp the entire history of your clinical cases. But not only this: even difficult cases such as mixed responders are easily communicated to your clinical colleagues in a transparent way.

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