mint Lesion™ 1.4

mint Lesion™ 1.4 introduced at the 92nd German Radiology Congress

At this year’s annual meeting of the German Radiological Society in Hamburg, Germany we launched mint Lesion™ 1.4, our solution for quantitative imaging in oncological radiology. Together with our partner CHILI GmbH, we demonstrated the integration of mint Lesion™ into CHILI-PACS as an example of the seamless integration into existing IT environments.

The new mint Lesion™ release features many improvements to streamline your workflows in assessing the effectiveness of a cancer therapy. Beyond support for all subtleties of RECIST 1.0, RECIST 1.1, and WHO, the flexible engine of mint Lesion™ for tumor assessment criteria now provides support for irRC (immune-related Response Criteria) to quantitatively evaluate the efficacy of immunotherapeutic agents, and the Choi (modified RECIST) criteria, comprising Hounsfield density analysis. Further improvements include advanced support for grayscale and multi-monitor configurations, a refined interface to manage your patient cases and image data, and lots more.