Covid-19 GDPR


Our medical team went through all the available publications and created a reading template that can be used with ease by readers in your hospital or research center. As new papers and guidelines become available, we will update the reading template, retaining the structured data already collected.


For ten years, mint LesionTM guides and assists radiologists in performing comprehensive assessments within research and clinical routine. mint LesionTM extracts all primary data – including radiomics features – from images, and immediately links any measured value to its context and further related data of clinical significance.

Users can now also collect longitudinal data with the mint LesionTM COVID-19 reading template and analyze it together with clinical endpoints using the mint AnalyticsTM software add-on. Furthermore, they can export it in various human- and machine-readable data formats for external analysis and AI. Interfacing with other information systems, such as hospital information systems to include clinical data, is possible through standardized interfaces, including HL7, FHIR, and openEHR.

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