Cooperation with Charité and HTW Berlin

Research cooperation: Mint Medical cooperates with the Charité University Medicine Berlin and the HTW Berlin

Deeper understanding of the molecular and physiological mechanisms of the disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS) contributes to development of new medication for therapy. Medical image data play an important role in the determination of the efficacy of these medications and in the optimization of therapy strategies. “Although the Magnet Resonance Tomography has been established as the most important para-clinical parameter in the diagnosis and progression evaluation of MS for decades, monitoring the therapy response continues to be a great challenge”, says Dr. Jens Würfel of the Charité University Medicine Berlin. “Especially in the case of high lesion load, meaning a multitude of small inflammatory sites in the brain, these have to be monitored and compared on various image sequences over many examinations.”

In a research project funded by the BMWi for the next two years, Mint Medical will research new methods for computer-aided and standardized quantification of MS lesions in the disease and therapy progression, together with the Charité University Medicine Berlin and the HTW Berlin. Dr. Jens Würfel summarizes: “We hope for incremental automation and acceleration of many arduous routine tasks in diagnosis, and also for a new quality through structured and transparent diagnosis reports.”